Big Art Day Projects Engage Students, Staff, Community

March 22, 2024 - Two Comal ISD campuses hosted Big Art Day events earlier this month that involved students, teachers and the community, helping make connections through creativity and fun.


Obliteration Room at DMS

Danville Middle School art teacher Jennifer Massey and her students set up an all-white scene on the campus’ stage which happens to be in the cafeteria – the perfect spot to engage everyone in the school with its ‘Obliteration Room.’

Once everything was painted white, including an old couch, chair, table, stool, walls and floor, the fun began. Taking inspiration from Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who is sometimes called ‘the princess of polka dots,’ Massey challenged students and staff to cover the space with polka dots.

“It’s a very simple idea,” says Massey, “but it is also very impactful. I was happy to see a long line of students waiting to participate.”

The students in her classes agree.

“It was a good way to be creative and include everyone,” says Arriana Rahim, an eighth-grade student at DMS. “I think it shows what art can really be.”

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Botjoy at DHS

Davenport High School art students were inspired by another art movement, called Botjoy which according to its website, is “designed to spread joy, courage, love and gratitude throughout the world, one Bot at a time.”

Students in the DHS Art Club along with art teacher Mark Harrison organized a Botjoy workshop on Big Art Day, March 7, in the school’s cafeteria. Teachers were invited to bring their classes to the cafeteria where students could create their own Bots which would be donated to Boysville San Antonio, a children’s home and shelter.

“We wanted to share hope, love and kindness through art,” says Zoe Harrison, president of the Art Club. “I grew up in a home with art all around me. I’m happy to share art with others. Hopefully, these bots with superpowers will uplift someone who may need them.”

Working with Boysville is extra special to Karis McKinney, an 11th-grade student at DHS, whose mother works for the nonprofit that offers emergency shelter and a counseling center.

“I hope these bots are something they can keep with them,” says McKinney.

Approximately 150 students participated in the Botjoy event at DHS.


Big Art Day

Annually, the Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) encourages art educators to organize art events on one day, known as Big Art Day, to raise awareness of art education and art as a creative force in their communities on a statewide scale. The TAEA has named Comal ISD a District of Distinction in art education for five consecutive years.



Photo Information

-Davenport High School art students organized a Botjoy event for Big Art Day on March 7. Pictured bottom row from left is Emily Sinclair, Kylie Bristow, Natalie Medrano, Karis McKinney and Zoe Harrison. Back row form left is art teacher Mark Harrison, Luke Craven, Gavin Hanke and Jeremy Rollins.

-Pictured from left is Davenport High School student Bryce Metzger, art teacher Jennifer Walden and student Landen Heidt.

-Gabriella Viccellio and Maddisen Moeller created Bots during Big Art Day at Davenport High School.

-Davenport High School Art Club president, Zoe Harrison, spearheaded the Botjoy Big Art Day event March 7 on campus.

-Danville Middle School art students organized an ‘Obliteration Room’ inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Pictured seated from left is Aubrey Sralla, teacher Jennifer Massey and Arriana Rahim. Standing is Austin Walrath.

-Danville Middle School art students organized an ‘Obliteration Room’ inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama for Big Art Day.



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