Rey Feo 75 Visits Kinder Ranch Elementary

February 27, 2024 - Fiesta Royalty visited Kinder Ranch Elementary School today with a special diamond-inspired message reminding students that they have value, are strong and shine as bright as diamonds.

Representing the 75th anniversary of the Rey Feo Scholarship Foundation was Rey Feo 75 John McFadden, Feria de las Flores Queen Alexandria Werthman and La Reina Linda X Stefanie Garcia, spreading the message that goes hand-in-hand with the foundation's significant anniversary.

“You were created with light inside of you, just like a diamond,” said McFadden who will visit 106 elementary campuses in the San Antonio area this Fiesta season, encouraging students to stay in school, respect their teachers and parents, be good citizens and challenge them to pursue their dreams.

A few KRES students were recognized by Rey Feo 75 for having positive attitudes, being helpful, showing compassion and shining their lights. These students included Brianna Perez, Rocio Aguilar, Ausheanity Mitchell, Tessa Rubalcaba, Ethan Farhat and Joseph Weaver.

The Rey Feo Scholarship Foundation has raised more than $8 million in scholarships which have been given to more than 7,000 students. 





-Rey Feo 75 royalty visited Kinder Ranch Elementary School. Pictured back row from left is Rey Feo 75 John McFadden, Feria de las Flores Queen Alexandria Werthman, La Reina Linda X Stefanie Garcia, Paula Carlson, Jeff Carlson and KRES Librarian Karen Williams. Front row from left is Finn Rolf, Tessa Rubalcaba, Ausheanity Mitchell, Ethan Farhat, Cara Kirby, Rocio Aguilar, Brianna Perez, JC Carlson and KRES Principal Laura De La Garza.

-Rey Feo 75 stopped by Kinder Ranch Elementary School February 27.

-Kinder Ranch Elementary student Joseph Weaver enjoyed meeting Rey Feo 75 John McFadden.


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